"Directing, filming and editing as a passion in various domains"

My Person

I started filming nine years ago with an old school friend. Since then I have filmed, directed and edited short films, documentaries and much more. Currently I am studying at the Zurich University of Applied Sience at which I major in Journalism and Organisational Communication. Before that I did an apprenticeship as mediamaticien with the technical professional baccalaureate.

I hope you enjoy my footage. Please feel free to contact me.

My Work

I film with different cameras. Among others I own a Canon C300 and a 5D Mark 3. For my postproduction I work with Final Cut Pro X, edit my footage in Magic Bullet Looks 2.0 and create or add effects and graphics in Apple Motion 5.

Depending on the goal, I work by myself or with a team of very talented and motivated people.

My Projects

In 2011, I travelled ten months through Australia and the United States. Thereafter I created personal travel documentary called "Flotreks Unterwegs". Since then I had the pleasure to work in Africa, India and many other countries.

I have done a few workshops about filmmaking with DSLR and love to share knowledge and keep constantly learning - a life long!

My Network

I had the honor to work for a lot of people. My passion gives me the opportunity to meet many extraordinary people. Besides my study, I am structuring the videocommunity for my university and worked for the Rundschau at SRF. During my projects and jobs, I worked with stunt people, communication leaders and all kind of other gifted people.

Since 2013 I got the honour to work part time for kameramann.ch